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Who We Are

In this age of digitalisation, gadgets and gizmos are basic utilities for daily life. The smallest of tasks require the help of a personal gadget. Remember the last time you'd been forced to be disconnected from your online world due to a technical failure of your laptop? Sounds like a deadly horror flick, right? Now imagine a day full of excessive workload where you hardly managed to catch a breath and you encounter a technical error in your Printer or just that your laptop fails to get you an output? You somehow manage to find an appointment with a service centre but they refuse to repair you without the warranty cover? Sounds even more scary, right? Well, this where we come to your rescue..

IT Support Team Kolkata

We are a customer oriented IT centre, committed to your ease and comfort at getting your personal or commercial laptops, desktops and Printers service in a shortest possible time. Based at Kolkata, we cover all the warranty period withered out desktops, laptops or Printers at affordable cost of service and deliver the best possible resolution of the issues faced.

Be it the changing of a corrupted hardware with an original spare part or a free inspection of your gadget right at your home, we've got you covered from all the extra expenses. We also provide a free pick up and delivery option just in case your device needs a IT support service centre after the free inspection. If you're facing an issue lacking a smooth operation with your personal or commercial device, this is the place for you. An inexpensive, deadline committed, customer friendly service awaits right at your door in your own city of joy - we're a team of hardworking and dedicated professionals all up at your convenience.